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I mentioned bananas a few  weeks ago as I have being buying some lovely tasty ones recently. This lunch time I ate two, that was all I had. Within ten minutes it was touch and go as to whether I went to A&E such were the cramps I had. Not in my abdomen, but just under my rib cage in what I suppose is my stomach. Lasted two hours.

I'm feeling just about back to normal now. But I was in real and severe pain.

I don't know what to do now, apart from not risk another banana today.

I thought that bananas were a wonderful food, and I have never heard of anyone having an adverse reaction to them, has anyone else?

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I googled 'banana stomach pain' and found some postings, including this:

"For folks who would describe their pain as acid-like/heartburn: try drinking a very small amount of diluted apple cider vinegar prior to eating, and see what happens. Bananas neutralize stomach acid, which can cause the LES to relax thus allowing stomach acid and bile into the esophagus. Apple cider vinegar is, obviously, very acidic and may prevent this from occurring. Won't help those of you who are feeling nauseous, though. Sorry"

Not sure what an LES is, but sounds a reasonable explanation especially as you ate two in one go!

Just as an aside, my grandmother always counselled me never to eat the bottom black bit of a banana "cos that's the bit the monkey ate before you".
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It wasn't indigestion or heart burn, felt like my stomach, not abdomen, had cramped completely, with acute pain. Although from the outiside when I tried to massage a little, it didn't feel 'hard'.

I have never really had any indigestion in my life until quite recently. So at least I know what that is like now and it wasn't that.The pain was so intense I felt sick, but wasn't.

I only ate two bananas as they were small ones, they have been lovely recently. They had had some big ones when I bought these, but I didn't want them.

Gone completely now, but I don't want that happening again, hence my question.


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[quote user="Russethouse"] If I eat a banana in the day I'm fine, but in the evenings they give me terrible indigestion. I think eating two may have been the problem - poor you ![/quote]

I have the same problem if I eat one before lunchtime. Only recently started this year and croissants too, can only have those now after lunch. Obviously as we age the stomach gets more susceptible to food and acts accordingly.
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Well if it had been a proper size banana then I would have only had one, but it was my breakfast and I had two. I did say weeks ago that I was eating a few each day as they have been so good, but I cut that down anyway.

I have had one today and was fine, but just one. So I had an apple afterwards. I am not one for much for breakfast but can usually eat fruit, so do.

When it says 'stomach' pains, from what I have read it seems to be pain from the waist down, but mine was the size of my curled fist, above the waist, in between my ribs. So what is my pain called?

No heart problems though, no blood pressure, and my heart has a  regular and steady beat, so if I had had any sort of palpitations, arythmia, then I would have been straight to hospital.

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Sounds like gastric reflux; I had it very badly once and asked my wife to take me to hospital where they controlled the pain but it took a long time. The pain was excruciating. I had follow up tests done, including an endoscopy, but although I have had some repeats (no pun intended!) they have been controllable with indigestion tablets.
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