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Oat Bran (Dukan)


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I've succumbed to the inevitable ... too much of the French cheese and bread means my clothes are straining and the zips are fit to busting. So I shall have a go at the Dukan diet ... but it says that one must have a daily ration of oatbran.

Firstly: what is the translation of 'oatbran' in French? And also, where might one buy it? I see 'avoine' in supermarkets and use it for porridge but it has to be specifically oat-bran, not the rolled oats. So does anybody know a specific brand name I should look for, or a shop chain that might sell one?

Many thanks.
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What is the difference between oat bran or son d'avoine and porridge oats please?

I ask because I eat either oats or porridge (dont know which until you tell me!) every morning, the cheaper ones just seem to be dust with a few small flakes, its one of the few foods where I pay the extra, when I can find them I but Pertwood foods organic porridge oats, the only ingrediet is listed as oatflakes, they are large and there is no dust.

The others that I have come from Lidl, small and dusty and listed as fine wholegrain oats.

Are either of these oatbran?
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Chancer, oat bran is similar to wheat bran but a different texture, size and colour.

If you've seen wheat bran (maybe you've tried it out on slugs - (I mean put it in the garden, rather than consume it with slugs!) or ever sieved wholemeal flour, it looks a little like what's left in the sieve - the bran.

I've not seen dust in oat bran or any lumps, such as pieces of oat.

Where have the smilies gone?
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Russethouse - well I had looked at that but I will try the Dukan as my preferred snacks are usually proteins, meat, prawns, etc., so I probably won't find the 'attach' phase of 5 days difficult to follow. It's going through the rest of the summer without fresh fruit that might be difficult especially as the evening markets and suppers are in full flow over here now, but heck, I can't fit into half my clothes and I'm getting out of puff. Hence, drastic measures call for drastic diets. But thanks for advice and encouragement ..

how much did you lose in total, and for how long?
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 I lost 4 stone over a year and kept it off for probably another two, but I'm afraid I really enjoy a glass of white wine, one glass becomes two or even three and they are empty calories so eventually it crept back on - at present I'm cutting down on processed carbs and if I do feel the need I have puy lentils or something more 'complex' - I enjoy summer fruit too especially cherries - they are available for such a short time I'm not giving them up - cut down on alchohol and if I'm desperate (we are 9 weeks in to a building job that was supposed to take 7 days !) I have a weak, long G&T with slimline tonic......

Back on the treadmill tomorrow -we have just had our bedroom redone and added a TV so we can put the head phones on and walk away - just like the gym but cheaper.......

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