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Wine to go with snails


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I have never eaten snails before but really want to try them so I am going to buy some from a supermarket.  Any recommendations of where to get them and what to get would be great.  Who does the best that is easily available?  I also need to know what wine would go well with them. 

I want to take the snails and some bread up to a local who has been very friendly to us since we moved here.  He made me feel guilty after I stopped for a chat on my way home from a quick shopping trip, he commented on the wine I had bought.  After about an hour at home I began to wonder if he was hinting at sharing some and now I feel a bit rude and I want to make amends so I would love to just pop up the road with a little snack to share over a glass or two of wine.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated, I don't even know if red or white is the done thing but the wine I had bought he seemed interested in was a red.



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Wine - definitely red. and a good hearty one at that.

When we first ate snails in France you could buy them in a tin in Carrefour. You could buy the shells separately. Then you made your own garlic butter and stuffed the shells with the mixture of butter and snails.

Later on we discovered that, after any rain, all the locals would go out and "ramasser" any escargos they could find.

Down our way they used to hang them up in string bags until they had enough.

We were once invited to a cargolade where the snails were actually still alive. I think they gave them flour to eat first to purge them of anything not good for humans to eat. We definitely saw their little heats bobbing up and down as the barbie got hotter!! Our son's vegetarian girlfriend had a brilliant afternoon - NOT.

More recently we bought ready stuffed snails in their shells from the frozen food section in any big supermarket (about 6 euros for 36 of them I seem to remember) and cooked them in the oven.

Mr Bubbles loves them and has been trying to track them down here in England since we moved back - unsuccessful so far.
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Personally if I have to have anything that shape I would always eat bigorneau, simply cooked and eaten using a pin pr those dinky things for hoiking sea food out that you can get in France.

I have had snails in several sauces. I would never chose them as unless the sauce is good, they are fade IMO. So do a sauce you like and chose a wine 'you' like with that sauce.

We had at least one snail farm in our village, so they were often on the menu. I have had them in garlic butter and that is what they tasted of. I have had them in some degueulas sauce, when I was with a group having a ladies night out meal and I actually hadn't seen the menu. Sat there eating, thinking my this sauce is disgusting and these are the worst mushrooms I have ever had. Half way through a girl I know said to me, 'didn't know les anglais ate snails'. So then I knew. I ate the rest in case she thought she had put me off. Then I asked the owner what the sauce was. She seemed delighted I was asking so to educate 'me' she told me. I only wanted to know so that I would never ever make the stuff by mistake!

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