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Tonight whilst eating out we noticed this for the first time on a wine list.

Is it usual, in France? the UK? for decent wine? If it is don't know how we have missed it before.


edit for those that don't know, or maybe you all do

vin de pays cuvee exceptionnelle

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Now that is interesting BJSLIV, as it was one of the dearer wines.

We didn't buy any as I was driving and husband wasn't bothered last night. The only cubitainers I have ever bought were Carrefour's Cote du Rhone, cannot remember the name of it now, pierrasc, something like that. I a good steady basic table wine and we bought it for several years. Then when they started putting it in cubes we found that they were really handy if we were say going back to England as they were easier to transport. The cubes and the bottled wine was just the same.

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