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Prefering Mother's cooking


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I saw an article on the web saying that one in four men prefer their mother's cooking.

When I lived France I often heard about Maman's cooking, which I must say that most of the daughter in laws seemed to take in their stride. But isn't it something that is a bit like russian roulette, daring to criticise the person who is feeding you? And I have a friend in England who has to put up with such comments, I wouldn't put up with the comments or him.

I do hope that my kids don't ever say that they prefer my cooking.

Would you dare to? And if so, why?

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My husband doesn't do any cooking Coops; but then I don't do plasterboard jointing, rubbing down, plumbing, laying electrics or cutting wood for the fire!

Our three sons, on the other hand, are all better cooks than their girlfriends - because I made sure of it [:D]

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I usually cook. I like cooking. It isn't as if my husband or son's cannot cook, all of them can and do.


I believe a household works if both are happy with their jobs in that household and there is no bitterness about these things. We distribute jobs as suits us. I don't care what 'century' any of it is. Contentment is not about how others view us, but personal comfort and I am comfortable.


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