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Raisins Currants and Sultanas


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I am translating a recipe for a French friend, one for a rich fruit cake.In the market I see small (black)raisins secs which I think are 'raisins' in English, and larger white raisins secs which I think are 'sultanas'.

In that case how do translate 'currants' ?...Or am I wrong about the other two?..

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Currents are raisins de corinthe, which are the tiny black ones. I used to buy my raisins de corinthe from Intermarche.


The others were available in most supermarkets.


I have to say that the dark and the golden for me are sultanas, that's how they taste to me, but will be fine in a recipe.

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Here you go: I picked out the most concise version of this, but there were others that told more about currants, raisins and sultanas than you could ever wish to know!


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