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Those of you who bake cakes


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I baked a fatless, flourless sponge today and it needed slicing in half. To say that these halves are fragile is an understatment, and frankly I am a rather cack handed person.

As none of my fish slices and spatulas are large enough to get under the first layer, I got the equivilent of a tupperware baking sheet and slid it under the first layer and lifted it off. I placed my presentation plate over it and turned it and it worked quite well. Then coated this with cream and pears and then used the tupperware again, but ended up sort of chucking the top on the top of the other one, that it didn't break was simply good luck.

With this tupperware plastic bake sheet being quite big and unruly and I was wondering if anyone knows of anything along these lines that is specifically for cakes...... I suppose that it would look like a pizza peel http://goo.gl/2q68M but would be souple plastic for cakes instead. I'd get two and wangle my cakes between them.


I have done a bit of a search and found  nothing so far.

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