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chelsea buns


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For the second year our village is putting on a market of produce from the locals. It's on Sunday. As before 3 of us anglaises are having a stall, and I'm making Chelsea buns again - they went down well last time.

But a big problem when I started to make the dough this evening - I forgot to buy bread flour [:'(] So Idun, I've substituted what you call "cheap and cheerful" T55 flour, and hope it works.

I'll blame you if it doesn't [:D]

Dough is rising now (I hope.)

I've also made some wholemeal loaves and some Yorkshire parkin.

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I have just done a panicked grimace worthy of Wallace and Grommit.

I always used to make my white bread with it in France and it was absolutely fine, and I really don't see why yours should not be.

Let it have a good rise, don't rush it.

 I shall be watching out for your next post, anxiously!

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They're finished now, cooled, and I put them in the freezer for Sunday.

They rose well, no problems there.The only difference might be that they dry out quicker than if made with bread flour, so that's why I've put them in the freezer.

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Why do you think it would be dryer???? There is some fat in chelsea buns isn't there, I have never made any, but I have made lots of others sorts of sweetened breads and buns and they always have some fat content as well as egg and sugar.

In truth I have made bread with bread flour too, sometimes just to see if it made any difference, as I'm always told that it does. I always freeze any bread or sweet bread if they are not for immediate use, I never eat day old bread if I can avoid it.

Well I do, the usual exceptions,  a fondue savoyarde, or  bread and butter pudding. [Www]

So you'll have to let us know on Sunday how they turned out.  Pity you didn't make a baker's dozen and tried the 13th[;-)]

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to Gardian![:D]

I did try one this morning, and it was fine so I'm pleased with them. The texture is like those big sweet buns they give you for dessert at do's.

I didn't put any butter in the dough, but did put quite a lot of sunflower oil.

I saw a video of Paul Hollywood making them and he smeared butter in the dough, on the rolled out dough, and around the baking tin.

So thanks to you Idun for the idea (about using cheap flour.)

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I did think of posting a picture Wooly, but I still haven't mastered the technical skill for that.

Even my links don't always work, but they look something like this:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaSKgSa3ONw     fast forward to 9 minutes on the video.

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I do enjoy a Chelsea Bun, but my fav is probably a Belgian Bun: you know the thing, a bit of icing on the top.

Only ever seen one once over here, but it was called something different.

That ............ and Fish & Chips and a decent pint of Bitter.  The only things that I miss.

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Now I come to think of it, I can't recall ever seeing a Belgian Bun in Belgium !

We do get l'escargot (or Shenken) locally and I have seen these in many parts of France and if you are lucky you might even get a bit of icing on top.

Closest thing to a BB I've seen here

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