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Here are some examples from the Casino Christmas wine price list. All prices in euros:

Bordeaux .15, Mercurey .31, Moet and Chandon Champagne Brut 1.26, Cointreau 1.36, Martell Cognac 1.63

Not bad eh? Perhaps I should mention that this is the 1952 price list, which I came across in an old magazine. Prices converted from old francs.

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I just did a calculation on an inflation calculator (admittedly a British one, but a French one wouldn't have been so different).

Champagne, Cointreau & Cognac - €30.71, €33.15 & €40.22 respectively.  I guess that you'd reckon to get any of those 20% cheaper than that nowadays (depending on which level of quality of course).

I still have some old 70's ferry brochures (sad, I know) and the prices are now half or less than those at the time.  Its also true of many other commodities - white goods, audio/TV, airline fares.


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Gardan, you're right, of course. Here are some more prices from 1952, again in Euros:

wrist watch 3.04 to 4.57

sewing machine from 74.69

washing machine 106.70 to 225.62 depending on model

vacuum cleaner 28.96 to 48.78 depending on model

At the time wages in France were lower then in the UK. A reasonable wage might have been the equivalent of €12 -15. For most ordinary people these items would have to be bought on HP, paying over a number of years. So it was  a good job wine was cheap!


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[quote user="dwmcn"]


A couple of years ago we pulled into what we thought was a Casino supermarket and it turned out to be a gambling casino.




I was always told that the first Casino supermarket was opened in an old Casino in the Massif Centrale, maybe St Etienne. So I suppose that did look like a real casino[:)]

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