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I need to put this on record! Andouillettes taste of dung!

With the urging of my French chums I have tried Andouillettes many times - Andouillette du Troyes, Andouillettes du Vouvray, Canard Andouillette, etc, etc, grilled, fried, smoked, but I just cannot get on with this very popular item of French gastronomy. I really think they taste of m*rde!

My French friends think I'm daft and rate them highly. When we go to local BBQ's they all tuck in to this evil tasting comestible, while I choose the inevitable merguez. My question is this: Is it just me or do other members of this forum think the same?

It's not that I'm anti-French food. I will happily tuck into boudin noir, snails, horse steak and all manner of charcutiere (except Paté du Couenne*) but I cannot conquer the dreaded Andouillette!

Any suggestions?

* Paté du Couenne - Pork Rind Pate. Rather like eating a bike tyre in aspic!

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I would like to say that they are the french equivalent of Marmite. I can actually eat and swallow the awful Marmite, I wretch horribly if I put andouillettes in my mouth, my body rejects completely anything to do with them.

And yes, they taste like poo smells.

And my husband likes them, in fact I know lots of people who do[:-))]

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You're right! It is a matter of personal taste and I would like to overcome my aversion.

But every time I eat one there's that certain hint of pig-manure in the smell and taste!

Strange really because I like strong flavours in my food and I'm a fan of old style country cooking.

I probably need more Pastis before I dine!! ;-)
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I found myself in Guémené sur Scorff once on the day of the Fête de l'Andouille. Urrrrrrghhhhh! The whole town smelt of the evil stuff.

I was charged by friends to bring them back - at great expense, I may add - some of the famous andouille de Guémené, so the whole car reeked of it.

Never again.

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I love tripes so was determined to overcome my revulsion of andouillettes, I have found a way which works in the privacy of my own home, and they do in fact taste great but I would probably be battered if I tried it in a restaurant.

My solution is to have a peg on my nose throughout the cooking and eating, that way they are delicious.

What I cant work out is that for the French smell is the primary olfactory sense, they always smell something first and will refuse to even dab their finger in say curry powder if they dont like the smell, given that why do they not only enjoy andouilettes but rave over them?

I suspect if they wore a peg like me they would not enjoy them, perhaps the smell reminds them of home? [6]

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Don't know whats wrong with all you wimpy Brits, shying away from a bit of smelly sausage. [:D]                                                                               

 Legend says that when Napoleon wrote to Josephine to arrange a love tryst, he said, "I'm coming home -- please don't wash." [:D]  

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They are foul things....

My marker was that my old cat, who would eat most things (including half-rotten mice etc), would sniff the bit of andouillette given to him by my husband (who loves them) and look up at him in horror with an expression that said "no, those are the bits you DON'T eat..." and refused point blank to even try a lick.

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Years ago I organised a motorcycling tour through southern France, staying at a hotel where we would enjoy a magnificent dinner. The hotel asked me if my guests would enjoy 'mouton roule' ... hmm, rolled lamb I thought at the time. Oh yes, I replied, make sure there's plenty of it!

And on the evening we had a fabulous entree, plenty of wine, and waited in anticipation for the main course. Just then, I think someone opened the door to the gents as a wee-like smell wafted around the dining room, just as the waiters were bringing out some platters.

They lifted the lid to reveal some balls of meat in a sauce... strange lamb, I thought, and took two.

Then the smell hit me me as I cut into one. I saw the same expression on many other faces although our northern England contingent tucked in gladly.

"Ooooh it's tripe, lovely" exclaimed on. Tripe? Can't be. But apparently it's the general name for tripe andouillettes. Same as 'toad in the hol;e' doesn't contain any toad and there's no hole!

The hotel manager was upset that most of us couldn't touch this (although several were taking second helpings and saying that the rest of us were southern softies!) but I explained it was my fault and he quickly made some cheese omelettes for those who were still hungry.

So tripe, andouillettes - sorry, can't abide the smell, cannot put them near my mouth and have the utmost respect for anybody who can!

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With prepared tripes like à la mode de Caen its purely a visual thing and the recognition of what they are that puts mant Brits off, the smell and taste of the sauce is great and would be perfectly acceptable if the meat were say steak haché.

I always choose them when family visit and offer to take me out for a meal, I know from long experience that I will end up being stiffed for the bill so by eating tripe I get to enjoy my meal all the more in the knowledge that I have put them off theirs [:-))]

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