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Calamars anybody ?

Pierre ZFP

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Hang on guys, let's not panic. There seems to be little relationship between dodgy American research and the lovely fresh calmars one can buy in fish shops or get in good restaurants. However, the cheap breaded rings might be a bit dodgy if cheap and nasty. On the other hand, where in the toad in toad in the hole?

Read the label.

As to funny salt, well, does it make much difference, unless it is scraped off the roads?

Probably healthier than antibiotic filled cattle and pigs and chicken and calves and sheep and ducks and ........
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A Belgian colleague tells me that this story has been doing the rounds for a while now and La Muse is famous for running stories with no basis in fact (A newspaper telling porkies? never!) So I suppose this is just a bit tongue in (pig's) cheek [:P]

Still, I wouldn't fancy calamars from a fish shop too close to a synagogue  [:-))]

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