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As this forum is entitled 'French Food and Wine I may be in wrong place, but.....................

I like to cook (French, Indian, English, Chinese and Persian cuisines).

Now that I live permanently in France I've started stocking my cupboard but I cannot find a shop or supermarket which sells some essential ingredients for Persian food.

These include :

Dried edible rose petals

Harissa and rose harrisa pastes


Rose water

Dried barberries


I can make my own pomegranate molasses and preserved lemons but I can't make the above ingredients.

Does anyone know of a specialist shop which might sell these items.

I'm near Baud, 56150 and would gladly travel (say up to 40 miles) to obtain them.

I'm sure there must be somewhere in L'Orient which is nearby but I haven't found it yet.

Any help will be appreciated.


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No problems with harissa, tahini, preserved lemons and rose water here in Normandy. For the rest we stock up in the UK. We went to an amazing specialist supermarket in Bradford and also found a small Persian supermarket just outside Oxford. Otherwise it would be worth trying online.

Try foodbiotic.com as they seem to have most things, though we haven't used them. I recommend getting whole dried limes too!

Have you got Persiana? It is my favourite cookbook at the moment.
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Hello people,

Thanks for your replies - most welcome.

All the recommended sites look good and the general consensus seems to be that online shopping for these specialist items is the way forward; so that's what i'll do.

Yes EmilyA, I have got Persiana...........utterly delightful recipes from a very good chef and (her) salads are superb.

Happy new year !!!


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Grumps, will you come here sometimes please and talk to us about cooking?  Recipes, tips, etc would be very welcome.

When I read your OP, I'd never heard of pomegranate mollasses and blow me, I was watching Tom Kerridge in Food and Wine on the telly tonight, if he didn't use pomegranate mollasses![:D]

I enjoy the Forum precisely because it's full of lovely surprises

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Mint, this is a link to the Guardian atticle that made me order the book.


I find you have to interpret and adjust quantities a bit though.

Grumps, I substitute goji, dried cherries or cranberries for barberries. I did buy barberries in England, but I think the others work just as well. I also love the salads, especially the preserved lemon and pistachio nut combination. Also love the slow-cooked lamb in rose petal crust and the spicy, vegetable soup.
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[quote user="EmilyA"]Sorry no blue linkey thing. Google Persiana and it comes up pretty high in the list.[/quote]

I always have the same problem and Norman good as he is may not be around to fix the links and highlight them for us ...I just post the link and let people drag the cursor along it to light it up then right click and then click on " Go to " to bring it up .... That's the only way I know to do it as Chrome does not do "blue linkey things " for me .
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