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I entered an on line competition for an original recipe including ham, devised it, made it, photographed it, only to find that although there were only 4 entries, I'm trailing in 3rd place behind someone who didn't even submit a recipe, just a photo of bacon and beans! I never expected to win, but that's a bit much.

I'll know in future not to bother entering competitions where it's a public vote to find a winner!

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Aha, Pommier, now I look at the Facebook page it's obvious I'm afraid...

You didn't include mogettes in yours!

(non-Vendean readers will not get the significance of this...)

Are you sure that's the order is the actual winning placements? Maybe it's the order they were received? Maybe the first prize is coming your way after all? (I would certainly give it to the scallops every time - which I presume is yours!)

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No Angela, mine is the aigre doux. It's the mogette one that annoys me : not even a recipe, but you don't need one for mogettes on a plate with ham!

The voting is still going on and it's the number of 'likes' that determines the winner.
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