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Blé precuit


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Anyone else love this stuff?


Most is sold Under the brand name Ebly but I think its whole grains of durum wheat, I prefer the cheaper own brand ones especially Super U as its darker in colour and a more unrefined natural taste.


Since giving up potatoes a few years back my féculents and carbs have mainly been sweet potatoes which I love varied with pasta and rice which I really wanted to avoid, then I found this stuff and I absolutely love the flavour and especially its al denté texture.


Any ideas where I can buy it en vrac but cheaply, there are 5kg bags available but cost much more per kg than the 500g packs, Ebly do a 1 kg pack but its more expensive than the own brands.


If you havnt tried it then do so, a doodle to cook and you cant really overcook it either.

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[quote user="Pierre ZFP"]I love the stuff, especially with little onions  [;-)]

Good in stews too where you might have used pearl barley - Anybody remember that?  Don't seem to see it these days



No, I don't like pearl barley either, they go all slimy when cooked..............might as well eat something REALLY slimy like snails?

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Tipiak do pearl barley, though I've never bought it.:


Why did you give up potatoes Chancer? My husband stopped eating them about 20 years ago when he found out they belong to the solanaceae family, but started to eat them again a few years ago. He still won't eat tomatoes. I found it very awkward, potatoes are such a staple food.

I've never tried blé precuit, we have couscous often which I make in recipes similar to tabouleh.

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No idea Chancer, our Intermarché used to have catering packs of things, but I doubt that this would ever have been one of them. Now you have your business can you not use one of the grossiste alimentaire in your region?

I still buy pearl barley to go in soups, along with all sorts of other bits and bobs. Never used this in soup, although I might give it a try now.

Love semoule de cous cous in tabloué, ....... but not done like soup like one french friend does it, it is weird and horrible slop. I realise that other grains are used in different regions of the med, but this is what I prefer.

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