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I have no idea if these are available in other parts of France, as I sort of know them of Crozet de Savoie.

My son brought over a couple of boxes recently, one box of those I used to buy made with sarrasin and one with chanterelle.

Tonight I made up the ones with the chanterelle and they were absolutely delicious.

Boiled the crozet in salted water for nearly 20 minutes, drained them and put them in a gratin dish and mixed them with grated emmental and covered them in cream and a little grated cheese on top and put it in the oven until bubbling and the cheese golden.

Absolutely delicious, with the wonderful flavour of the chanterelle coming through.

ps, if you don't know them, they are slightly chewy and I suppose a little like pasta, but not quite[:D]

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Ooh, I thought I had replied to this, but it seems to have vanished...

Crozets are those tiny square shapes, aren't they, idun?

I have had them with a delicious sauce, cooked by a friend in Savoie, but not sure I have ever seen them anywhere else. I shall search the local supermarkets this week, cos if I could find Chanterelle-flavoured ones your recipe sounds DELISH!

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I have never looked up another way to do them, because a friend fed me these years ago and told me how they had cooked them.

My husband does not like them at all, so I have them when he is not at home.

I am now going to have some of the rest for lunch[:D]

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I have had crosnes once, a very long time ago, and obviously did not think enough of them to cook them myself.

I had a feeling that crozet might just be in the Rhone Alpes.

I had some of these cold at lunch time and they were still lovely. I like leftovers cold, although I realise that not everyone does.

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No not like gnocci at all.

They are very small flat squares up to about 3mm² and probably less than 1mm deep. And even after the first cooking do not get that much bigger. They are not stodgy, but remain slightly chewy in spite of being cooked well.

I have no idea why my son decided to bring some over with him, as he knows that his Dad doesn't like them, but he did and said that the chanterelle ones were particularly good and they are.

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