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Thank you to the person who gave the gourmet recipe for.....


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baked beans fait à main![:D]

Sorry, I cannot remember which of you gave the recipe so please step forward and take some credit or to take the brickbats from those who do not approve of such pleb tastes.

In a devil of a hurry today to get lunch cooked and eaten and out the house.  So, I did baked potatoes in the micro, the special home concocted baked beans and free-range fried eggs, sunny side up.  And yum, yum it was too.............!

So for the baked beans recipe, get a tin or jar of beans (I got a jar so that I could check that the beans were sufficiently large and looked nice and white), put in dollops of tomato sauce (now, I need to find a tomato sauce whose taste I like), grindings of pepper and zap in the microwave.

Even OH, who is probably more of a connoiseur than I am, said that they tasted better than any of the proprietary tinned ones which we all know have massive price mark-ups in France.

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