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Our local Carrefour fish counter had good supplies of Carrelet filets on promo.

Two good sized filets per person is ideal.

Roll the filets; cook in the microwave in a shallow dish covered in clingfilm pierced a little to let the steam escape, liberally covered in Bechemel Sauce.

Do not overcook, as plaice is delicate fish!

Serve with smooth creamed pomme de terre; and, in our case, epinage creamed with crême fraiche. (Frozen, source Aldi - cheap as frites!).


A nice cool Loire white washes it down rather well...

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[quote user="idun"]Did you make pomme puree or mash??? I am rather fond of a pomme puree with fish.[/quote]

Just our normal mashed potatoes: a good dollop of Beurre de Brettan, full cream milk and always reserve some of the water and add it back to add the starch and body.

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