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Not quite frangipane


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Decided to make a very nutty tart today.

Lined a 7" cake tin with pastry

Melted an ounce and a half of butter, let it cool.

Beat two eggs with  tablespoon of muscavado sugar. Beat in a level teapoon of cornflower. Stirred in about 100grams of ground almonds and the butter. Then added a good handful of walnuts which I'd broken into small pieces.

Put that into the pastry and baked at 200C. When it was baked about 25 mins, I warmed maple syrup and drizzled it over it.

Not too sweet, very nutty and a lovely change.

Don't know what I would call it, but not quite a frangipane, or is it? Here it'll be the Nut Tart, which I will make again as we all like it.

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It does sound yummy but also probably too rich for me.  But I do have some ground almonds to use up and, of course, there are always walnuts (don't I live in the south west?[:)])  The only thing I wouldn't have would be maple syrup but I do have golden syrup, so might give that a go when I have someone round to eat.

In the meantime, I made mascarpone pastry today and made some little sweet half-moon shaped thingies.  I used date paste (can you get that in the UK?) and flaked almonds for the insides.  They were very moreish[:)]

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 This isn't rich actually, not sweet, just very very nutty.

If I have guests, I think I would serve it with a toffee sauce and ice cream.

I never used to like maple syrup, I think because when I was young I had that ersatz maple syrup and it was disgusting, but I love the real stuff.

I use it a lot for all sorts of things. Depending on which salad we are eating, we sometimes put some in the dressing. When I am doing the apple for a tarte tatin, I often put some maple syrup in the pan too.

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