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'1000 years of annoying the French' by Stephen Clarke.

All about 1066 and Agincourt and Saint Joan etc... etc... to the present day.

All told to deflate French myth and pride on certain aspects of our shared history.

Quite funny at times.

Paperback £8.99 at Waterstone's
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[quote user="confused of chalus"]The Ripening Sun by Patricia Atkinson, it is about a woman thrown into making wine in Bergerac - and making it very well. Lots of detail on making wine.[/quote]

She wrote one or two sequels as well.  One of the best books I've read - and I've met her too ... a delightful and incredible lady.

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[quote user="Antonia"]Clouds over the Montagne Noire is a novel set in the Minervois region of the South of France[/quote]

Antonia I would like to look for this book can you tell me who it is by ? Many Thanks

FN...... Its ok I have looked it up on amazon and found it ...... May I say there are a few clouds over the montagne noire today full of snow most of which is falling at the moment..... [:D]

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[quote user="Gardian"]

'England's Last War Against France: Fighting Vichy 1940-42' by Colin Smith (£8.39 from Amazon)

An interesting and informative book about a little-known aspect of WW11. (N Africa, Madagascar & Palestine).



Started it a couple of days ago and find it hard to put down.

Many accounts of less well-known events, some unexpectedly touching on my own life.

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I have read the "1000 years etc. and am have some concerns. A lot of reading and research has gone into it, yet it is relentless "French Bashing". At times it feels that it is straining to find a pejorative angle on the events. I much prefer "60 million Frenchmen Can't be Wrong" which starts from the point of view of trying to understand France in its own terms, rather than trying to fit it into a preconception. Authors Jean Benoit Nadeau and Julie Barlow, two French speaking Canadians. It is intelligent and perceptive from the angle of North American sensibilities. £9.99.
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I recently read "The Passion of Dolssa" by Julie Berry, a very heavy (in theme, not in size) YA novel set in 13th-century Occitanie, against the background of the Inquisition and the aftermath of the Albigensian Crusade. There is a *lot* of Occitan in the novel, and I wonder what the average teenage reader of YA fiction would think of the book. It is quite well written and thought-provoking.


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