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Getting married, need to let people know


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Help! I’m getting married next August and I don’t have my

invitations picked out yet. But since it’s summertime and people plan their

vacations early, I’m afraid that there will be scheduling conflicts if I don’t

get busy. Should I send out “save the date” cards?
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Yes, I think it would be a very good idea to send out Save the Date cards asap.  Assuming the wedding is in France and some of the guests are coming from the UK and elsewhere they may need to book annual leave (not always easy in August) and to make travel plans.  When my daughter was married in France in 2007 she arranged the wedding for a Tuesday as quite a few people took a week's holiday which they built round the celebrations.  She also sent out Save the Date cards (just simple computer printouts with an informal picture of her and her fiancé on the front) well in advance which meant that the invitations could go out a couple of months before the wedding.  One advantage of mailing out StD cards was that people who knew they definitely wouldn't be able to make it let her know straight away, which made room for extras on the guest list.   We also set up a simple website (just feeding the info into a template, chosen from the designs on www.lifequarters.com).  It was all done on line, cost $30 to set up the site and have it available for a year, and meant that we could put all the nitty gritty about travel, places to stay, etc in one place accessible to almost everyone.  Afterwards we put a big selection of photos on the site (ours and those sent to us by guests) for everyone to share.

Hope the planning goes well!


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You need to get a move on.

My son is getting married in late June near Carcassonne.  Save the day cards went out well before Christmas and the full invitations a month ago.

The biggest practical problem for them to solve and a big factor in getting guests from the UK was flights.

Their invites were timed at the same time that Ryanair and Easyjet announced their schedules covering the period allowing guests the best choice of flights, times and prices.

(I booked and paid for 26 various return Ryanair flights last week. Prices were OK but 52 x £4.75 credit card charges hurts a bit).

I would therefore probably go a bit further than save the day cards with those you really want to attend to enable them to confirm travel ASAP.

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