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Marquees for Hire in France?

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I am considering expanding my Marquee Hire Business in England to France and I am currently doing some research into the market. From what I can see, there seems to be a limited number of suppliers. Has anyone else tried and failed to find a quality company in France, particularly in Central France (Limousin).



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France is an enormous country and most of it is populated, unlike the UK where the bulk of the population is concentrated in a relatively small area.  Because of delivery and transport costs, you will struggle to serve all but your corner of France every well.

                              Population       Area                                                     Overall Density         

France:                  60,495,540   551,500                                                          110

United Kingdom:   60,776,238   242,900

(though most of this not populated)      246

Source: Wiki

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Hi Lisa,

Do some homework on this as most villages around where we live have marquees for village use and these can be hired by local people for very little money.

Three years ago I hired a huge one for a birthday party from our 'Marie' and the cost for the whole weekend was only 30 euros. That included delivery, but not erection....................I couldn't believe it.

Wooden tables and chairs, for seventy people, from another source in the village, again delivered, price..................."six bottles of wine. no rubbish please"


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