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Artisan bouquets and floral decorations

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Hello everybody. I just thought I would pass on my absolute delight of finding a wonderful english lady who has catered for my every wish beyond my wildest expectations for all my wedding decorations. She makes anything for you from a simple bouquet to the most elaborate stunning magazine cover creations, and all the car, table, church and reception decorations, all artificial! Her ideas are amazing, and when I had a rdv with her to discuss my wedding she was inundated with 'theme' weddings, but had all the time in the world to discuss mine. As it was my parents 'silver wedding' anniversary shortly after my wedding, for a suprise my dad asked her to make a replica of my mum's wedding bouquet, which was so beautiful and brought all her memories back. As she makes decorations for christenings and other special occasions, I will certainly be commissioning her again. If you would like her details please feel free to contact me and I will pass them on to you, you can use me as a recommendation!

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Hello Russethouse, sorry, of course I can, with pleasure! I did not want to violate any rules for advertising! And just to clarify, it isn't me (sorry to say I wish I was that talented!). The website is www.bouquet-de-la-mariee.com,  her name is Caroline Thiriot.

Email address removed - pleae do not publish email addresses for individuals as it can lead to spamming etc

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[quote user="happyeverafter"] (she speaks fluent French).

My guess is that you meant English ! [:)]

BTW, for anybody who might be interested, talented people like this are worth their weight in gold for special occasions.

It's not just their creativity, but their contacts.

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