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Paperback book swap anyone?


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I have four cardboard boxes of good clean paperback books, which are too good to throw away. Is there anyother person in the same position, living near Ruffec (16),  who would like to make a rendezvous somewhere in town, and would be prepared to exchange books?

The books are fiction, autobiographies etc and pretty well up-to-date!

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Dear Philouis,

If you don't have any response, may I suggest you donate books to the English Library at Lorigne.  It is quite close to you and an absolute boon for readers.  They have over 8 thousand books and it is just 2 Euros a year to join.  You can take as many books as you like at any one time and there is no limit (within reason) to how long you keep them for.  It is held in the village school and is open on Wednesday afternoon from 3pm-5pm and Saturday from 2pm-5pm. I do have the contact telephone number if you would like it!

We have donated many books and great to know that you need never be without a good read.

Hope this helps.

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Dear Shih,

I am sorry not to have written you sooner, but I did not come back to the thread until tonight. Regarding book swap, I did have one PM from someone and we arranged a rendezvous in Ruffec, but at the last minute they backed out, so I still have many cardboard boxes of books.

I will be very pleased to make the trip to Corrige, which is only about 30 kms from where we live. I would like to phone them first to make sure that they are open on the day we will travel, so if you could PM me the tel.no. , I would be very obliged.

Regards. Philouis.

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