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 Behind the scenes in the French supermarkets (and the hypers) skullduggery, exploitation, and  illegal practises are common . They are very far from being the  fabulous cleaner than clean 'temples de la consommation' that they pass themselves off as,

  Christian Jacquiau  is on a permanent lecture tour of France to expose the hidden face of the supermarket chains.

He has published a book 'Les coulisses de la grande distribution' that is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand how, in the space of fifty years, for example, E Leclerc has gone from a 50²m shop in Bretagne to a multi billion empire and how the farmers, the small shopkeepers and the customer have been hoodwinked, ruined and exploited along the way.

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Hey that sounds like great stuff. I'll try to get the book. I have most definitely noticed that   ' Free  '  Markets are non-existant in France and that the consumer, out in the sticks anyway, gets what they're given rather than what they want !
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