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Conciliateur de justice


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There are often questions in this section about disputes between a tradesman and client or between neighbours, and various solutions are proposed.

I have sometimes recommended the 'service de Mediation ' of the local Mairie , but I know this is limited or non-existent in rural areas.

I have just come across the rôle of the Conciliateur de Justice:


The people who do this have  usually had a career in a responsible job, or are well-respected locally (a bit like magistrates in the UK, although it's not at all the same work)

You can read in French or google translate the link above , but basically they can intervene in cases concerning

Consumer and professional

Supplier and client

Landlord and tenant

between tenants or neighbours.

The Conciliateur can be approached directly by both parties, and sometimes a case which could be settled amicably will be passed to this service by a 'juge', so it saves time and money to go to conciliation first.

Some disputes fall  outside the jurisdiction of the Conciliateur, particularly in family law, criminal cases, or conflicts with  the administration, when the service of 'Médiateur de la République ' is the appropriate authority.

Your local Conciliateur can be found by entering your postcode in a box at the bottom of the page in the link above.

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You can also find details of the above plus some other methods of pursuing disputes in this English language pamphlet produced by the Direction Générale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes (DGCCRF) which is the equivalent of UK Trading Standards.

One option is Bôite Postale 5000 which involves your case being taken up by a panel of local consumer protection professionals.  The inclusion of a senior DGCCRF representative on the panel usually means a swift resolution..... 


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Hello There,

I came across this after conducting a search as I am anticipating a consumer problem here in france when I visit a certain DIY store over something I believe is not fit for purpose.  Sunday Driver, I followed the link but nothing happens, can you confirm if it's still active please, or where I can get a cop of the pamphlet? 



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