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Americans in Paris WW2


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Sounds interesting Weedon. I haven't read it, but did read a book once which was a compilation of essays and memoirs by American civilians who spent most of WW2 in Europe. There was one chapter about the escape routes over the Pyrenees, and one by someone who witnessed the horrific bombing of Hull, a town I know well.

Can't remember the details, it was from Southend public library.

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Not quite the same but did you hear the program on R4 today about the American Jew that recorded lots of interviews in Europe after the end of the war with Jewish survivors of death camps?

Crumbs there were some chilling first hand accounts of barbaric treatment.

On yet another tangent my 88 year old neighbour was telling me the other day that at the end of the war in Perigueux the women that had formed relationships with the occupiers and had had babies dumped them and they were put in a special home. As they had no parents listed on their papers the locals called them Huns.

The neighbours gave food to the resistance fighters that hid in the woods behind our house and my neighbour described when the Germans came into our dead end hamlet and passed his door - he went out with his pistol hidden in his trousers and was ready to use it.

He recounted how two locals that the Germans thought were helping the resistance were arrested and taken away in an old truck - luckily it had a dodgy skylight and they forced it and escaped.

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