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Kindle - Wow! ...... FNACBOOK wow!!! ???


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I decided some weeks ago that I'd like to buy a Kindle. Since then I have been saving and researching. I have become more and more concerned about the whole issue of buying from amazon.co.uk and risk being blocked with downloads etc or buying from amazon.com and having other issues with that.

So I have been researching and researching and this evening fell upon the FNACBOOK from FNAC with free 3g / wifi.


Take a look at the video demo. It seems to have everything that the Kindle 3g does with the benefit of being able to read ePub books. There are 80,0000 ebooks available from FNAC as well as many free, many in english (but of course you could get ePub books elsewhere in addition). It is very nicely styled, and has a touch screen rather than a keypad.


Is it too good to be true? I am seriously excited by this and may abandon the Kindle idea.

I am going to Bordeaux on wednesday so I will pop into FNAC at Bordeaux Lac and take a look.

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Went to Bordeaux FNAC. Wasn't that impressed. Pages were jumping without touching the touch screen. The white casing was already filthy and the demo model seems to have been abused/faulty. Plus it lacks quite a few features the Kindle has (no browser so can only access FNAC using the 3G / notes facility basic / no built in speakers / no text-to-speech / supports fewer formats / more expensive..... ) Result - NOT wow!

Hence I ordered a Kindle 3G last night :D
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