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Europe In The Aftermath Of World War II by Keith Lowe

just john

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I'm drawn to this to learn more about the unspeakable trauma suffered by my parents generation, obviously as do many others, but the discovery of the sensitivity in an area I have a house in France is even more stark. Some horrendous stats. but perhaps the worst acknowledgement is
''Poor Greece is a major loser, and rightly blames Germany, for its troubles originated in the Na2i occupation. Italy is another loser, with the world’s lowest birthrate and highest corruption. Spain benefited enormously by Franco’s victory, which kept it out of the war, and it prospered for half a century afterwards until the European Union dragged it down. Indeed, with one or two exceptions, all the members of the EU have been held back by its incorrigible bureaucracy and regulations. ''

due for release on 5th April 

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