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La Petite Fille de Monsieur Linh


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I read this short novella on the recommendation of a French friend recently. It's written by Philippe Claudel, who is also a Film Director, (he directed the film Sarah's Key). It is a deceptively simple book, because its themes are deeply thought provoking yet they are expressed in the purest and most easily read French.

It could be sentimental but somehow isn't. A truly exceptional book.

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I agree. I read it last year, and recommended it to a friend who teaches French in England for his keenest students.

Delicate, tender, moving, and exquisite  yet limpid French.

He also wrote Les Ames Grises which has also been turned into a film, which I mentioned in the French Cinema thread,


 and wrote the screenplay for the wonderful

Il y a longtemps que je t'aime


I like his later books less well and couldn't finish L'Enquête because it was just too uncomfortable, and I found his recent attempt at comedy a bit lightweight although I enjoyed it very much all the same


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