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Home needed for English paper backs


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Sadly you are too far away for us to help, or we'd may well be able to help.  However, if there is a coterie of English living in your area, why not put a notice up in your local boulangerie, or pharmacy, or supermarket etc saying you have these books available - who knows who might come out of the woodwork.

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Unless you are looking for top money for them I would put an annonce on Leboncoin, there are plenty of French studying English or who speak English, French books cost an absolute fortune, to have a Library of books at home is a sign of wealth and intellect, books in another language even more so.


In 10 years I have never seen a French family posess as many books in their lifetime as I throw out every month, most of the ones they have are the study books that they had no choice but to buy.


Emmaus in Amiens has a seperate corner for foreign books, mostly English with some spanish and german ones also, its a good chance that an Emmaus in a large prosperous town will take them. 

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