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Where to sell a bike?


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Could anyone recommend where to try and sell my husband's brand new R6. We have tried one magazine, Troc Moto and the usual local supermarkets but nothing so far. Are there any websites or other magazines you could recommend?

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You don't say where you are Daisy, and is it a UK spec or French ?

If it's UK spec (133bhp) or (126bhp) for the R6S, it is going to be very difficult to sell in France. Not impossible, but difficult. I would advise that you take it back to the UK and sell it there.

If it's a French spec (106bhp) there are some good websites to try, I'll look them up and let you know .

http://annonce-moto.vivastreet.fr/annonce-moto-occasion+vendee is one I've just found.

Your local Yamaha dealer may also be interested in selling it for you on a 'sale or return basis, but this comes at a price.

Hope this helps............................



and does he know that you're selling it...........................[:D]

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Sorry, we're on the edge of 33/47. It is a French spec bike. He bought it on a whim last year and it has hardly left our driveway. He does know I'm selling it but it's been a bit of struggle. It's a bit of a boys toy!! Thanks for your help.
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Hi Daisy,

Depending on your location, you could always try parking it a prominent place with a large AV sign next to it. Locked down to make it immovable and if you don't mind this bit of advise, never let anyone test ride it unless you have the total amount of the price, in cash, in your hand.

A friend of mine in the UK had a prospective buyer turn up to buy his bike. He arrived in a nice car and offered to leave the car and keys while he went for a test ride. My friend agreed has he looked so genuine, but the bike never came back and the car was later found to have been stolen. He lost everything and the insurance company wouldn't pay out because he had handed over the bike keys to the thief.

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