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What is the deal behind mopeds?


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This is my boring bit Polly but as an absolute minimum please, in addition to a helmet wear sturdy clothes, leather gloves and boots with some form of ankle protection.

Please take this in the spirit it's meant, because I have seem a lot of serious injuries caused by not wearing suitable kit.

Then all you have to do is get out and ride....................[:D]

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Ah, but here's the missing bit..........In order to "be safe" and prove that you are,  you have to take a driving test (in French) if you're only 14 going on 15. Sorry to burst your bubble, Polly, but it's the law (my son was gutted, but he got over it ................eventually![;-)])
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Hang on there, Tiger.....

Before you can ride a scoot in France, you'll need to do some compulsory basic training to keep you safe on the road.  It's called the Brevet de Securite Routiere (BSR).  You have to take a theory test (in French) and complete a number of hours on-road training.  There's no practical riding test to pass, you just complete the course.

If you go to this [url=http://www.code-route.com/bsr.html]website[/url], it'll tell you all you need to know.  [8-|]




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