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[quote user="Bob T"]Could it be that it is not an age thing then? I can honestly say that I have never been nicked for any motoring offence, that is not to say that I have not comitted any!

Is that not tempting fate a bit Bob.....................[:)]

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I was told when I bought the L.E.200. the reason they called them noddy bikes was because the police couldnt salute an higher officer as the bike was not made with a frame but the engine was the main construction and this made it very light on the front end and if you tried to salute most police offers tended to whobble, so to show the required respect, they just nodded, hence noddy bikes.

Nothing to do with Noddy and big ears, he had a car, with big red mud guards and a yellow body, and a smokey exhaust pipe (like triumphs)

but noddy  was'nt taken over by anyone "not like triumph" (ask bug bear he'll tell you)

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Smokin' Triumph,..................... well I've never seen one.....................................[:D]

John Bloor (the property magnate) bought the name and all marketing rights to Triumph in 1983. He has put around £40,000,000 of his own money into what is now a very successful Marque. A brief history, for those interested can be found here.

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gooden tag, her bugbear,

nice bit of reading that history of the triumph, I did look at the list of history's No, B.M.W. NO,L.E.200, NO A.J.S./ Bugbear what are you trying to do to us english bikers???????

.p.s. I did try to reply to the best memoury thing, it was a good one you wrote, enjoyed very much,its nice to know Im not the only one to come off in front of a crowd of mates.

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Hi pun, I think that the LE was called the noddy bike, as well as obviously being ridden by the police, this is according to my father (92 years young and with a good memory) because they were used at around the time the height reduction was introduced in the met and of course they were nicknamed noddies as shorter in stature.

As a kid I can remember them on patrol in London and could not believe how quiet they were compared with the other bikes of the time, which of course enabled the rozzers to creep up on the prey without being heard!!.

Just a little off topic, I was having dinner with a friend last night and reminiscing and we got on to the subject of  police cars and I remember cops in the East End of London patrolling in a Daimler Dart SP250 convertible with the hood down.What a sight for an impressionable young car enthusiast, never drove one but my mate last night said they were crap, another illusion gone!

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