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National Memorial of the Resistance of Chasseneuil


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Went out on the bike today, bit of a last minute decision. Original plan was just a quick blast with a coffee somewhere and then back home.

Anyway, after a coffee in Ruffec I kept going when I saw a sign to Chasseneuil as I had heard of a memorial for the resistance fighters there. Well, it's a very impressive memorial and deeply saddening. I was the only visitor there and it was a strangly quiet place.

Well worth a visit, details can be found here & here


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Hi  Bugbear,

                   Is that Chasseneuil sur Bonnieure dept 16 about 12 kilometre north of La Rochefoucauld ? I ask because i'm passing that way on Tuesday and thought i would stop and take a look , before pressing on to Cannock !!    [:-))]

                   Regards  socket


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