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The Pan has gone....

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Well, its sold now and gone to a new home in Pas de Calais....

A French guy came down and took it away today.  I picked him and his girlfriend up at Angers station, brought them home, fed them grub, we signed the papers, I took their money and waved them goodbye. He was over the moon with the Pan, having just sold his Moto Guzzi (well, he would be, wouldn't he...).

I've owned the bike for just over four years and I've dropped £800 in depreciation.  Pretty good investment, I'd say.

There's a big empty space in the garage now.....[:(]


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   What is it you know Bob?  No, SD he's not thinking of one of those surely , blimey , he has lost the plot !

   Well if he does , it's going to be easy to buy for him at Xmas, what size is he ? a10 or 11, does he like tartan , fluffy or those with furry ears on ? -------- what ever, make sure their oil proof  [Www]

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