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   A serious threat to BMW sales must be from the new Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 . After seeing this bike , I was left impressed . What the new Company's owners , management and design teams have achieved in a very short time is praise worthy by anyone's standard . Their sights firmly fixed on the top end of the touring market . This bike has been assembled with great care and the detail reflects this build quality. The finest of engine castings, precision of machined parts, fit and finish of plastics etc., are second to none. All bought in items such as wheels, brakes and fasteners are all from top brands. At the risk of having to change my name and address, I'm going to say , that the overall presentation of this machine has surpassed the standard of BMW by a good margin .

                      I am now turning my computer OFF and will not accept calls

                      Regards           [Www]       


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Reviews mention it is remarkably similar to the R1200RT- still plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery.  Except it has no ESA, cruise control or heated seats and probably the chocolate final drive reminiscent of old MG's - interestingly the reviews are slagging off the integral GPS that comes standard on the GTL .  No cheaper and probably more expensive to service.

Still it would be interesting if the italian electrics and finish stand the test of a couple of winters (we all use our bikes in winter don't we?)

Yes I am the proud owner of a fully specced R1200RT after having a R1150RT.  I suffered a Ducati before that (poor electrics and carb icing in winter).  Honda's before that that included a VFR and 750F2.  I have been riding for 31 years.



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Hi Vern,

I haven't seen the Guzzi yet but the 1200RT, well, that is a nice bike. One thing in the Guzzis favour is the fact that it's £4000 cheaper than the Beemer. That's quite a lot of money, don't you think....................

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I looked at the Norge and it certainly seems a good buy on paper. However, I then heard a lot of bad things about build quality/reliability and the availability of parts. I went for a Honda CBS 1300  and LOVE IT. I paid £6500.00 new on March 1st - excellent bike and good value in my books. Still each to their own
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