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Ride to Oradour Sur Glane


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Will be riding to Oradour from Burgundy in the week of 23rd April. 2 x FJR 1300s (me & husband) and 1 x divvy 900 (daughter's) and other daughter pillion. Any one been there, got recommendations for hotels etc? Anything we need to know?


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I was at Oradour a couple of weeks ago. I found that knowing quite a bit about it before I went helpful for two reasons. Firstly because I don’t rate the materials provided in the visitor centre very highly and secondly, because it helped  me not to be too upset.

On a really practical level – as you drive into the new village turn left at the island  to find the main car park. You will need to buy a ticket from the impressive visitor centre/museum  to gain access to the site. There are other exhibitions within the  centre for which there is an extra charge.

Take some tissues.

I’m afraid I can’t help with hotels. It’s near Limoges on the airport side so an ordinary stopover shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Maybe someone else can help with that.



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I must admit that it is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited.  Hoddy has given you very sound advice on Oradour.  However, do not be tempted to stay in the new Oradour as this is simply a modern urban sprawl.  Try PM ing Dick Smith.  I believe he has been there on severeal occassions.
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[quote user="Just Katie "]However, do not be tempted to stay in the new Oradour as this is simply a modern urban sprawl.[/quote]

The "new" Oradour was purposely constructed to reflect the grief associated with the old village. There are rules regarding outside decoration of the properties within the village, the placement of advertising hordings, etc. Unlike other tourist sites, the one thing you will never see at Oradour is a mobile vendor selling refreshments as this is also forbidden.

Contrary to what "Just Katie" says, visit the new Oradour and you will be impressed by the cleanliness of the village, and the openess of the residents.

Incidentally, entrance to the old village is in fact free of charge. The entrance fee is for admission to the centre.


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