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What Motorcycle Tyres ?


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I need a new tyre on the rear of my bike.

I'm currently running Bridgestone BT-020's and have done nearly 7,000 kilometres on them which is reasonable, I suppose. (car drivers usually start to cringe at this point)

The question is do I go for the new Bridgestone BT-021's or Michelin Pilot Road 2's ?

Anyone currently running either ?

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Gary, Jude is running on Pilot roads, not the 2 version though. I have Metzler Z4s on mine and so far have 8500 miles on the back! When I have to change I will be going Pilot roads too, they seem to warm up quicker and give better grip in the wet.

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I used BT020s on the Pan and used to get around 5,000 miles from the rear tyre (heavy bike). Rock solid in the wet, though.

The new Sundaymobile still has its original Bridgestone BT56s - 10,000kms, rear tyre still has loads of tread and the front is OK too.

Bridgestone BT56

Ultra High Performance Sport


  • C.T.D.M. (Comprehensive Tire Design Method) for improved lateral stiffness, contact patch, linear handling, and cornering performance.

  • Dual Aligned Compound (DAC) increases wear resistance in center tread, for higher mileage.

  • High grip (sport) compound for aggressive street riders. [8-|]

  • Mono-spiral Kevlar belt (rear) construction in the rear tire for shock absorption and high speed stability.

  • Original Equipment on many high performance sport oriented motorcycles

  • Silica compound for improved wet and dry grip.
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Nev - according to Bridgestone Europe, the BT56 is still in their range.

Developed exclusively for big bikes, the BT-56 is a high-grip sport radial for sporty riding on streets.

The construction, shape and compound of the front and rear tyres have been balanced in an optimum way to allow delicate and exact handling of the bike on a circuit, such as leans at extreme angles, quick turns, easy-line tracing, and smooth shifts from rise to turn-backs..... 


So they'll be just right for me, then......[;-)]


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I'm on 207 sportmax (Dunlop) and having changed the rear a couple of months ago 3000kms approx nearly ready for a change. I was getting 3000 miles in the uk but I think the roads are more abrasive here I have a pair left in UK that my mate is bringing over in a couple of weeks but for the sake of my wallet i will need to find something that lasts longer when I've used them. 
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