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Millau Viaduct

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Having done a deal with my better half that we'll get a dog once we've ridden the Millau Viaduct (over, under and round) I need to start planning so - anyone done it? Any tips - particularly reasonably priced, biker friendly places to stay? And more to the point - is it as good as I think it will be?
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We're builing up to it as it's been a couple of years since Jan's been on the bike but I think the trip isn't too far off as she's keen to get the dog! We're slso starting from the Dordogne but I reckon we'll take a couple or three days of days to meander there and back and do the bridge from differnt directions
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Go to the visitors' centre, head down the hill towards Millau, just after the Intermarché Supermarket small right hand turn into a lotissement signposted to the view point.  Follow the narrow hairpin road all the way to the top of the causse, fantastic views of bridge and a much more exciting ride into the bargain.

What sort of dog?

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The bridge itself is stunning. The visitor area on the right hand side on the south side is good for photographs.

You can also get some decent photographs from down by the river in the town itself.

If you like Roquefort cheese the farms are only a short distance away.

You could perhaps tempt your wife by offering a pair of beautiful quality gloves - Millau used to be the centre of kid glove manufacture and there is still at least one shop selling them.

I intend to go back for a second look - gloves or no gloves.

Edit: I forgot to say that I think your idea of staying overnight somewhere is a good one. We did it in one very long day ; we were in a car though.


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As JC says, it is a lot better to look at. The sides are quite built up so the views are not so good.

However the view across Millau to the bridge from the Puncho d'Agast is quite simply stunning. I might post a piccy in the photos section. You can throw yourself off the Puncho with a parachute attached if you like that sort of thing.

The tolls go up in the summer, can't remember the actual dates.

If you ride up the Tarn gorge, look out for Point Sublime up on the lip of the gorge, more stunning views.

Have fun

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