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Do Gendarme Motorcyclists Never Fall Off?

Alex H

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It does bother me that the only protection they seem to wear in the summer is a handgun.  Can't say I have ever landed on one myself, but I am guessing that best case, my hip would hurt.  I am thinking that it is perhaps a tad macho, maybe.  Yes I get a bit sweaty in my leathers but am happy to do so in preference to picking gravel out of my leg.


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Perhaps not fall off but definately get knocked off their m.bikes.  One got knocked several metres in the air before hitting the road in front of my wife at a roundabout in St.Malo. Being an ex nurse,she assisted by making sure the chap didn't move about as he was complaining of pain in back and neck. When the ambulance arrived to take him away there was a bit of a panic and a senior gendarme lept forward to relieve him of his pistol!!  We are expecting to be let off any parking tickets. She didn't complain at the time as she said it was a change to have a handsome young man in her arms.


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Hi in answer Yes they do fall off,I was flinking a french mag during my car service and there was a big pic showing two Gendarme in the road their bikes in bits and rescue services all over the place, Mind you I remember riding behind a motorbike cop back in the UK who came off on a wet man hole cover, also a brit motorbike copper was killed a few weeks ago in exeter when some phone using fool pulled out in front of him, the bike went halfway into the side of the van and the policeman was killed outright, so it happens to the best, so take care out there, remember the car, van driver will always come off better.


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