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Yamaha X-Max125

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YAMAHA X-MAX 125 2007

Well, here it is guys.

After weeks and weeks of research on the internet and having looked at almost every model of scooter available in France, we went shopping yesterday and chose this little number to get me back on the road.

I'm hoping to pick it up next Saturday. (Well acually, OH has kindly offered to bring it home from Mayenne to save my nerves)

So, all being well, I'll be back in the saddle from Sunday.

Wish me luck,

Aly  (incidentaly, do any of you have any opinions of this model? I'd be interested what you think of it.)

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Nice one Charlotte. It has a good write-up from what I've seen. Just get out there on some quiet roads and get some miles (kilometres) under your belt.

The golden rule: on loose surfaces, NO front brake !!!!!


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