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Ride-out to Saumur Sunday 1st July.


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Following up from previous suggestions lets have a run north for a change with a visit to the Tank Museum at Saumur.

Rather than meeting at Sauze V. can I suggest that we meet up at St Maxient then ride up to Parthenay to meet up with SD at Parthenay.

Directions from SD.

Say, meet up at Parthenay, then a quick run up to Saumur, park up in the Chateau car park - there's a pleasant little cafe there where we could grab a bite to eat - then around the block to the tank museum (plenty of parking).

A good spot to meet in Parthenay:  if you're coming from Sauze, take the D45 up to St Maixent via Lezay, La Mothe and Nanteuil.  Drop down into St Maixent, past the big statue in the middle of the road, then turn right at the roundabout for Parthenay.  After a very nice road with lots of sweepers, you arrive in Parthenay at the top of the ring road - straight over the roundabout, past Leclerc's and down towards Chatillon.  Immediately after the dip, there's a big access road/layby on the right, in front of the Chatillon Mairie.  Plenty of parking there.

I suggest we meet in the car park opposite the big statue in St Maxient at 09.00 (to leave at 09.30). From there, we'll just follow SD,s instructions.

It's earlier than usual but it's a fairly long ride-out.

If anyone from the south wants to meet up prior to St Maxient please post on here.

OK, so who is coming...............................................?

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Well Ron can't come now so I'm going to cancel this run and we'll do it later in the year.

Would it be better to give more notice for these runs? comments please in plain envelopes.....[:D]

We are having a BBQ BBQon the 7th July so if you have been on a rideout with us or are thinking about it for the future, you are more than welcome.

PM me to confirm and for details on how to find us.

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Here's one I used earlier.....


Yes, a bit more notice might be useful.  Perhaps we should set aside the second Sunday of each month...or something like that.  If the weather's bad we can always postopne things a week.


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