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working after retirement


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I shall possibly have an opportunity to start working in a while

after an absence of 3 years, during which time we are, for tax

purposes, retired. The question is, how will this affect our current

status? Are we likely to lose the 10% awarded to us as pensioners?

It is not yet clear whether this will be a full time or part time position.

For all knowledgeable answers, many thanks in advance.

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What is this 10% abattement? I do not think we get this.

There is a 10% abatement on gross pension income before tax, as along as one is resident and paying tax in France.

But the abatement has a minimum and maximum and the maximum for 2009 income year is €3606 [that is the abatement, not the income]. Hope this clarifies what you were asking.

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