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Sorry Mate I Didn't See You (SMIDSY)


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Nice video.

The only Smidsy incident I've ever had was in Safeway's car park when a guy on the phone in a 4x4 pulled out from one of the aisles straight in front of me. 

I saw it coming and made a big play of trying not to fall off, then pulled along his off side and pointed to the petrol pump forecourt.  To my surprise, he actually pulled into the forecourt and stopped.  I rode up to his door and said "Excuse me Sir, are you the owner of this vehicle?"  He immediately dropped the phone on the floor and looked very sheepish.  When I explained that he's almost had me off, he was so apologetic, I had trouble keeping a straight face.

Big Pan European, black leathers, high-viz jacket, white helmet with intercom cords dangling.....or perhaps it was just because I was bigger and uglier than him.....,  [8-|]


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[quote user="Sunday Driver"]

Nice video.


you're teasing me now!  when I click the link I just get  Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

what am I doing wrong? I really want to see the video now !!! [8-)]

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