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Some pictures

Bob T

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My BMW in the UK


Jude and I bought these to take to France

We have used them, now and then.


But this is what I will buy next!

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Hopefully you are not going to ask me what these are...well I did say that I like bikes, I didn't say I knew anything about them....[:D]

This was taken last summer at the Salviac Fete when they had demonstrations of old crafts/machinery at al, a very nice day was had by all.

best regards


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Yes, Mark, un-restricted at 115 bhp.

That said, my bike is restricted to 106 bhp and it's got all the power I'm ever likely to need. I admit I was tempted to remove the restrictor when I first got it, until, a knowledgeable friend in Paris told me that if you have an accident and it's discovered that the bike is over the power-limit, you can end up in serious trouble with the Police and no insurance cover.

There is still an obscession with bhp figures in the UK that's difficult to understand really. How many riders do you know that can fully-utilise 150 or 160 bhp on the road ? On a track, now, that's different.

Summers coming...........................................[:)]

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I also agree that anything over 100bhp is not really much use, but there can be a downside to the restriction.

Jude, my wife, wants a BMW K1200S which comes with 168bhp in the UK and Germany, but the French version comes with 106. By restricting the bike BMW have made it less smooth by the accounts that I have read. With full power the engine is fantastic all the way through the range but with the restriction there are areas of vibration and flatspots in the delivery.

If she ends up getting one then we will test drive a full power version in Germany and compare it to the restricted one here and may decide to have it unrestricted. She will never use all the power and will have to remember not to twist her right hand all the way.

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That sounds like some re-mapping has taken place Bob. On my Sprint it's a small piece of bend metal that resricts the use of a fully open throttle. It's only a tiny amount of restriction (4 mm) and because it's only the very top-end, it's just not noticeable. As you say, you need to try one first.
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  • 5 months later...

[quote user="Bugbear"]Close PD, 156mph, from memory.........................it's enough...............[:)][/quote]


....its never enough....

...and anything over 190kg with more than 1 seat  is a car - not a bike

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