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Can I hire a bike anywhere?

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Hi all,

do any of you know where I can hire a mid range or large Motorcycle for a week in or near the Indre/Limoges (regions 36/23/87)?

I am currently without a bike, having made the decision that whilst doing the renovations on the house I would avoid temptation to "go missing" by waiting to treat myself to a new one after completion but having ridden all my teenage & adult life have the urge to blow away a few cobwebs when my biking mates come over for a week in late summer. we would like flexibility & independence so guided tours are not an option

any assistance/advice greatly recieved

thanks in advance.

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When I worked in F1, I refused point blank to have a hire car to get to and from the hotel to the circuit, especially for Monaco, where it was just too busy car wise, to get in and out quickly. Regardless of the fact the company I worked for didn't really want to play ball on this, they did find a French company that hired all sorts of bikes, from 50cc scooters up, and I recall a 600 Hornet was 240 euros for four days, plus insurance etc. Now I have to be honest, I cannot remember the name of the company, but it shows they did/do exsist!

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