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Well, I ache all over but I don't care.................


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Why, well I finally got out on the bike today..............

I've been laid up with severe arthitic pain for a couple of months now and was seriously considering selling the bike. Apparently I need a replacement knee joint .

Anyway, dosed up with pain killers, every joint rubbed with Ibuleve and away for a jolly.
Bit rusty on junction turns (as in a bit wide ) but its amazing how quickly you get back into the groove.
120 kilometres, black visor splattered with bugs and a big smile on my face............

Sorted. .................................
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Glad to see that you are not selling the bike and have enjoyed being out on it.

After 30 years of roofing my Knees are shot and give me content pain (that’s why the R1 had to go in 2000,riding it was just as bad as being bent up on a roof all day)

The fjr is more up right so not as bad.

It is funny how after the first few miles the adrenalin and concentration are the best pain killer you can get and its free.

Now if I can just get back  on my feet after trapping  my sciatic nerve ,Finish the roof that i have half completed   I will be back out on the bike.


Keep popping the pain killers keep rubbing the cream and keep going out on that bike


All the best

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First ride out of the year - you can't beat it!  I was wondering why it took you so long.....

Mrs Sunday had a new plastic knee fitted last summer - booked in for the operation within two weeks, then three days on the surgical ward followed by two weeks in the re-adaption centre, then a dozen follow-up sessions with our local physio.  She has no joint pain at all now. [:D]

Get it done.

PS:  Total cost to us - 5€ for her telephone bill. 


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