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Dave D.

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Dave, as in the UK your bike needs to be road legal and insured. To make a start finding tracks you can ride use the IGN 1:25000 (blue) maps. These are not always up to date but a good start. The only restriction are tracks with a sign that says no entry to 'moto' or 4 x 4s. Please ride sensibly as there is a lot of pressure to close the 'chemins' to motobikes and this has already happened in some departments (I don't think this is the case in 79 yet).
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Hi dave whereabouts in the deux sevres are you, I ride here in the charente maritime  around the st jean d'angeley area, There  are a lot of organised rides which you can take part in which you only need your road licence and not a racing or FFM licence (bike has to be roqd legal, doesnt have to be french registered as long as you have a log book and insurance).

I will pm you with my phone No if you are interested.


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