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Well its been ages since I've been on the forum.  We moved back to the UK January 07 and are still here for the next few yrs, still have the house in France and get over for at least 16 weeks per year, annyyywaayyy.


Ages ago I said about doing my bike test in France, alas this was not to be, so last April I did my CBT in the Uk, got myself a nice little maruder 125, did my test in November and passed.  I now have a Honda CBF 500, hubby also did his test and he has a CBF 600 (why do men have to go bigger!!).  So anyway, new trailer is on order for Easter visit, I can't wait to get blasting out on those wonderful roads around the Lot, I'm really looking forward to it.


If anyone else is around in the area at this time on bikes, please drop me a pm and maybe we could meet up?



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Your absoloutley right, #

40 Klm from Cahor

40 Klm from Grammat

40 Klm from Grourdon

40 Klm from Figeac


As you can see, we are right in the middle from all these wonderful towns.


Can't believe i've been on the forum for all these years.  It does seem strange being back in the UK after living and working in France for three years but at least we get back often enough.

We are so looking forward to biking in France and continuing down into Spain this summer.

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