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Odd Insuranc request ...


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I plan to buy a used bike in the UK, spend about 4 days there, hop on a ferry to bring it home, then pop it in the barn while I arrange French insurance and registration.

Trouble is this seems to be beyond any insurance company I have spoken to! Short term insurers in the UK won't cover foreign use, most UK insurers will only issue 12 month policies and I daren't even ask a French company to ensure a UK-registered bike which is still in the UK.

The only possibles so far are to buy 12 months cover and surrender it within the first month (major outlay, charge for surrendering), or 'buy' a cheap 125 off a friend in the UK (he's got several SORNED ones) insure it cheaply and use the 'other bikes' clause to bring the bike home with third party cover. Strangely one insurance company actually suggested this.

By the way the 'trailer-it-home' option won't work for a couple of reasons connected with other aspects of the trip.

Does anyone have any (legal!) ideas?

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Beemer1150 - you live in France, so think French......

What do French people do when they want to buy a bike from outside France?

They contact their French insurer and tell them they're buying a bike from wherever and would like cover for it.  The insurer tells them to phone with the registration details once they've received the foreign carte grise so the insurer can write a policy under the foreign registration number and issue a temporary insurance certificate (same as they would for any imported vehicle).  When they get the bike home, they take the foreign carte grise in to show the insurer, then once it's registered with its French carte grise, the insurer issues a fresh twelve months certificate.

No point in making things more complex for yourself.....[;-)]





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My broker said he could organise a certificate at the local agent in Calais or Bolougne for a UK registered car provided I talked to him first. I cannot see why bikes should be any different. I had a valid french insurance vignette for my car with UK reg number on it while I was waiting for new French reg number.
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I bought my Belgian registered car in UK and drove it there for about a week before bringing it to France. I arranged insurance with a French company with the VIN number and old Belgian registration number and they emailed me a copy of the insurance documents. It was not a problem at all.

Don't see why it should be different for a bike.

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